Fairest Lord Jesus the hymn. The sheet music for the tune in the Key of C – CH4 463

I had a slight challenge,  the organ I play on at church as a lovely feature.  That is at a flick of a switch the key for any piece of music can be moved up or down.  In this case, it needed to go down.   This feature is really great and it does the job fantastically.   

There I was very happy that the issue had been resolved and then I realised, I may have missed something.   Therefore, I asked the question. where are we singing this hymn?  And I had forgotten! 

It was not in our church.  Of course, our church organ is not portable.  

Therefore, earlier today I set about transposing the sheet music, in this case to the key of C from E flat.  This makes it easier to play and sing.  In this case, I have not re-arranged, but have made some minor changes for ease of reading. Fairest Lord Jesus in the key of C

You can find the original below:-


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