New Song by Glen Foster about Dalgety Bay

While doing some research about Fife I spotted a song written about Dalgety Bay,  The composer, amazingly  is Glen Foster a Canadian singer / songwriter.  He has a band called the Glen Foster Group.

I thought it would be a good to write an article about the song.  But then there was a spark of an idea. That is it might be a fantastic opportunity to learn about making video clips.

So this I did, and it did take a little longer than I expected!

Do watch and enjoy the video clip about the Glen Foster Group’s ( )  below or alternatively read the text version of the story.

Here I interview Glen and Bernie Mac my sound man introduces the song.

Below is the story in text…

Glen…  Please tell us about how the song “Dalgety Bay” came about ?

“I live in Canada, and my friend (Cathy) who lives nearby, tracked down a cousin (Andy) in Dalgety Bay who had been out of touch for over 40 years.”

“To make a long story short, I met Andy when he came to Canada to visit a few years ago. Then my wife and I went for a vacation to UK in September 2016 and stayed with Andy and his wife for several days. (We also have relatives in Edinburgh and Cambridge.)”

“Dalgety Bay was our base as we toured around. We had a wonderful time in Dalgety and enjoyed the scenery there, walking round and exploring the area. We travelled Scotland for a couple of weeks.”

So what is your background?

“I have been a professional musician for over 40 years, compose songs, perform and own my own small record label and publishing company. “

So how did you go a about writing the song?

“I started writing the song Dalgety Bay when I was there in 2016, touring around Scotland provided the inspiration for the imagery in the song. I didn’t have an instrument with me at the time but I jotted down lyrics and ideas and then composed music on the guitar when I returned home to Canada.”

“Our friends in Dalgety are well travelled, hence the lyrics in verse 4”

Our travels they have taken is us, o’er mountains far abroad, to Canada across the sea, through foreign lands we’ve trod,

But there’s the place we’ll e’er return, that’s where we make our home, I’ll know I’ll never stray far from Dalgety Bay.

When did you start on this journey?

“We started recording the song at Mountainview Studio in Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada in 2019. I played guitars, base and sang the lead vocal, accompanied by my wife Marg Foster and Carrie Ingrisano on harmony vocals, with Thomas Neville on violin. We all live in Canada.”

“Dalgety Bay appears on a new album by my band Glen Foster Group called ‘Not Far Away’ which was just released internationally on April 24, 2020. “

Where can you buy?

“It is available for purchase, download and streaming on most major distribution sites including Amazon, Spotify, Apple iTunes, Google, Napster, Deezer, Tidal and at this location


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