July is Mobile Phone Courtesy Month

July is Mobile Phone Courtesy Month

Therefore here are a few tips…

We all know about this issue. Especially when we are on a bus, train or in any other public place because we become an audience to someone else’s conversation.

Sometimes when we speak on a mobile phone we forget our manners!

Therefore do try to make the most of Mobile Phone Courtesy Month. You can do so if you follow these tips about mobile phone etiquette:

– When you are in a meeting: don’t check your phone constantly for texts and emails. But do concentrate on the people you are with.
– In a court, official room, theatre, or place of worship set your mobile phone to silent or vibrate
– Don’t embarrass yourself… If you know you are going to make an intense emotional call save it for when you are somewhere private. The public at large have no need to know about your relationship issues. That is unless you are a celebrity of course!
– Do check your personal volume levels. It is very easy to start shouting into your phone. Instead speak softly and everyone in your vicinity will enjoy the peace and quiet. They will also appreciate your good manners.

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