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  1. Cycle and pedestrian paths are 100% funded by Sustrans (a UK wide charity based at Bristol that supports cyclists).
  2. Sustrans design these routes with the cyclist in mind.  That is to encourage cycling and exercise.
  3. My comment… There is also another group that use the routes.   That is pedestrians,  I must say that any General Practitioner recommends walking as a means of exercise.  Therefore, in a mixed-use environment, the safety of all users need to be considered, not just cyclists.  Therefore, there should be clear instructions to cyclists and pedestrians to take care on these traffic ways.  This is important as it is not the usual custom for cyclists to ride in what could be considered a pedestrian space.
  4. It is also noted that on a Sunday on one recently upgraded Sustrans cycle/pedestrian path at about 9:40 am a cyclist came at speed on a pathway towards some pedestrian traffic lights.  At that day and that time, there were no others on the pathway. (I suspect but don’t know but that the route may have been designed to 18mph standards  – here there should also be a sign asking cyclists and pedestrians to take care).  More markings are needed on any such pathways to make clear the mixed usage.  
  5. More Info: Resources Transport Scotland

  6. More Info: Resources Sustrans

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